Xiamen Trip

During the Tomb-Sweeping Day, I travelled Xiamen with Shan Chan and Jing Fu.

Before I went there, I had heard Xia Men was a tranquil and beautiful city. Out of my expectation, I found it was actually a combination of Shantou and Guangzhou. Walking in Xiamen gave me an illusion that I was walking in Guangzhou. The scenery was so similar: high buildings, board roads… What’s more, the style of the buildings was the same as Guangzhou’s. Riding buildings were Guangzhou’s features. But I saw them again in Xiamen! However, the difference between Guangzhou and Xiamen was still discernable. Compared with Guangzhou, Xiamen air was much fresh and it wasn’t as crowed as Guangzhou.

luxury government building

In terms of transportation, its traffic jams were kind of like Shantou’s (but not as terrible as, because it banned motorcycles long before).Waterscape was the same. Therefore, when I arrived to the ferry, I have little excitement.

Though it is the combination of Guangzhou and Shantou, its history makes it different and unique.

Xiamen, located in south-eastern Fujian Province, lies across the sea from Taiwan. The tourist guide said, before the cross-straits relations improved, most houses were low because local people were afraid that their house would be the target of cannon from Taiwan. Whereas, firing cannon was nominal. Every time Taiwan or mainland wanted to fire cannon, they would tell each other that they were ready to fire through a loudspeaker. Meanwhile, cannons were always zeroed in on the barren. Nearly no one was injured. Gradually, they reached a secret agreement that mainland fired Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while Taiwan fired Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sunday was the rest day! What’s more interesting is local people collected the artillery shells to make knifes for selling!


Jiu Ke Hotel

Jiu Ke hotel’s room design is bold!!  Transparent -glass bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG~~~~~~~~And its service is “thoughtful” ,we found a advertisemnt card…er ….providing sexual service! OMG again~~~~~~~~~~

To our surprised, it wrote “handsome guy , white collars are available” OMG ~~~~again again

Underwater World aquarium

many weird creatures can be seen. I cannot name them all .

stone fish

handsome penguin in poster

ugly penguin like a duck


Gu Lang Island(鼓浪屿)

delicious but expensive, costs 118 yuan

Shan Chan 蛋散

Jing Fu is fighting with crab

write a letter to future


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